Birth at 34 weeks... RIP My baby Madex Lee McE 20 kids; Tennessee 2192 posts
23rd Aug

I have preclampsia and they are wanting to induce me at 34 weeks. I am scared to death. I have received one round of steroid shots(2 doses, 24 hours apart) at 30 weeks. I will be 33 weeks on Tuesday and my next dr appt is on Thursday to decide what day we should induce on. I am wondering if anyone else delivered at 34 weeks? Did they go to the NICU? How long? Did you get to hold the baby before they went to the NICU? Was labour harder on you since it was so early? Any advice would be great.. I am just worried..

JKR 2 kids; Texas 960 posts
23rd Aug

My oldest was born at 35 weeks and spent a week in the NICU due to breathing problems. I had him early due to high BP. Good luck momma, they can do a lot to help them now days. TTC since Aug 2013; 35 kids; Tennessee 910 posts
23rd Aug

I went into labor at 34+ weeks but they stopped it in the hospital. Then my water broke 4 days later. I was 35 weeks to the day. My son was born just fine. Labor was super easy, birthing was a breeze. No time in the NICU. We were home 36 hours later.

Leash25 2 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1472 posts
status 23rd Aug

my youngest was a 33 weeker. they were trying to hold him in longer but my pressure was wayyyy too high. I got my round of steroids at 32 weeks. When he was born I did get to hold him briefly. He didn't need oxygen but did need a feeding tube. He stayed a total of 21 days. I was able to put him to breast maybe a week after he was born. you can pm me if needed! I know its hard to go through something like this.

Angela Barajas Due November 10; 19 kids; Buffalo, New York 78 posts
23rd Aug

my youngest was a 34 weeker, 4lbs 11oz. no steroids because it all happened so fast. she was in the NICU for 5 days, and left at 4lbs 8oz. keep your head up!