SHE'S HERE *picture* Brooke&Joshua+3 3 kids; Waterville, Maine 631 posts
25th Aug

Aria Sage Lavoie was born August 23rd 2013 after 19 hours of labor at exactly 2AM weighing 9lbs 12.2ozs and was 22 1/2" long. Here's a picture for now, labor story will come tomorrow hopefully (:


eKnuckles Due February 13; Florida 3438 posts
25th Aug

What a cutie!!!!!! Congrats!

Jamie Vincent-Nead 4 kids; Altoona, Pennsylvania 242 posts
25th Aug


killingbird 5evr 2 kids; 1 angel baby; North Carolina 10126 posts
25th Aug

Wow big and tall!! Congrats!

lacTAYtor. ☮ 3 kids; North Carolina 4496 posts
25th Aug

Awh, so cute! Congrats!

~a girl and a boy~ 2 kids; Iowa 55109 posts
25th Aug


anxiouslywaiting4abfp TTC since Jul 2013; Almost Heaven, WV, United States 3291 posts
25th Aug

Congrats. :)

Pabst 10 kids; Muthafuckin, GA, United States 26185 posts
25th Aug

She's pretty! Congrats and more congrats for delivering that big girl!

*((MoMmY Of 4))* 4 kids; San Bernardino, California 704 posts
25th Aug

Aww congratulations she is beautiful! :)

Mama Kat ♥ 2 kids; NAPLES, ME, United States 9548 posts
26th Aug

Thats a big girl!!
Congratulations!! :)