HELP! 3 yr old daughter stopped using potty! Shellym616 1 child; Norfolk, Virginia 2 posts
26th Aug '13

Our three year old daughter was basically potty trained - at least for peeing, when suddenly she just stopped. Sometimes she tells us she's scared. Other times she won't give an explanation.
She will sometimes wear underwear all day long and not go to the bathroom once. The minute we put her in her nighttime diaper, she goes potty.
We have tried all the usual tactics... rewards definitely don't work. She would rather never get another treat or toy for the rest of her life than go potty!
It is crazy. She will sit on the toilet for a long time then claim to be finished although nothing came out. Two minutes later she will pee her pants.
So she has no fear of sitting on the toilet, just fear of actually peeing while on the toilet! We've tried switching to a potty chair and got the same results.
At one point she explained that the dinosaur that plays music in the bathroom at daycare is her reason for fear. No one can find a musical dinosaur in the bathroom.
This is a complete mystery.
I need unique suggestions from anyone who can help, since none of the common tricks seem to work.