How do I decide???? Elizmari Due January 6; Potchefstroom, South Africa 11 posts
27th Aug

Hi all
I am 21 weeks with my first pregnancy (It's a boy!), and getting increasingly nervous about deciding how my baby will be born....
My inlaws and hubby is pro natural birth, and sometimes it feels like the inlaws are pressuring me into having a natural birth, "because it's so much better for you and the baby, and you won't be that sore afterwords", I am actually terrified of natural birth even though I don't think that it's a bad idea I am just very scared of the pain.
All of my friends and some of my family have had c-sections, and say that it's not that bad, and if they had a choice with their second one, they would do a c-section aswell....
My mother doesn't really say much, she is a firm believer in "it's your choice, nobody can force you..."............
What would you guys say worked well, for you? I have read countless articles about the possible risks, and complications in all cases, and have reached the point where I just wish the baby could magicaly appear...

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
27th Aug

I would never have an elective c section and the majority of doctors will not preform one. A csection puts you and the baby at a much higher risk if there is no medical need for one. Your body was made to birth babies its not that horrific where major surgery would be a better option. If the pain is to much there are always pain meds and epidurals.

☆º×ß¡±©µ×º☆ Due September 18; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Centralia, Washington 44154 posts
27th Aug

don't have a c-section unless you absolutely have to a c-section is a backup plan not a first choice

Super Mommy! Due July 31; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Costa Mesa, California 9173 posts
27th Aug

When you say natural are you referring to vaginal without any drugs or just vaginal? Never opt for an elective c-section, and don't let others views and opinions steer you in any direction. Play it by ear, a c-section is only good if mom or baby's life is in danger.

BastiansMommy 1 child; Shelton, Washington 2428 posts
27th Aug

I had a c-section...but I was unlucky because my epi didn't work and I had to be put under...I didn't get to meet my son until he was an hour old. Next time around I want to have a VBAC because I feel like it'll connect me more with the baby...instead of all of a sudden him being out with no effects (labor wise) to me. I don't regret having a c-section because it's what was needed for me and my boy...but I think I would have gone the other route (still medicated! lol) if I could change it.

I know exactly how you feel though...I was there. I was so afraid of him being born that I just had to stop thinking about it because I was giving myself anxiety attacks lol The only important thing is, that you and your baby are he gets here is honestly just a technicality. As long as you're both healthy and safe, that's what truly matters :)

And random since I don't know you...BUT CONGRATS ON YOUR BABY!!! lol

user banned 21 kids; North Dakota 3800 posts
27th Aug

I would never have a csection unless it was necessary.

Elizmari Due January 6; Potchefstroom, South Africa 11 posts
10th Sep

Thanks for all the replies, I appreciate the opinions, I will reconsider natural birth with an epidural.
I am trying not to think about it to much, and just hope for the best.