Seen this earlier. *~JLynn~* TTC since Mar 2012; 4 kids; Port Angeles, Washington 13 posts
27th Aug '13

A friend of mine just had her child. I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl, in the picture he/she was wearing green and I couldn't tell and am not sure how to ask lol.
Anyways she named him or her Seven.
I can't decide my feelings on the name, she asked my opinion and I'm not sure how to answer. What do you other mommies think?

user banned Due November 7 (boy); 1 child; Dayton, Ohio 26853 posts
27th Aug '13

My friend named her kid Sevyn. I think it's dumb.

~~My Pet Wussy~~ 3 kids; USA 23722 posts
27th Aug '13

It's not common but it's used.

Erikayh badu named her son seven, like 15 yrs ago.
I think beckham has a kid named seven as well.

KelliAndJared1221 Due November 26 (boy); Louisiana 14 posts
27th Aug '13

I've heard the name before and not a big fan of it...Don't lie to her if you don't like it. Just tell her it's not your style.

lacTAYtor. ☮ 3 kids; North Carolina 4496 posts
27th Aug '13

Not a fan.

Mari-C 18 kids; Nebraska 3695 posts
27th Aug '13

I don't like it, and if it were my friend that named her child that, I would be honest and tell her the same.

Severus Snape 2 kids; Tennessee 3550 posts
27th Aug '13

Personally don't like it.

Cass Hole 3 kids; Shiloh, IL, United States 7588 posts
27th Aug '13

It's not a name. It the spelling of a number and its stupid.

мɑkɑnɑni 1 angel baby; ~, FL, United States 65705 posts
27th Aug '13

At least it's spelled correctly. :lol: Better than zero. :lol:

Lindefrau no, mo, Australia 1157 posts
27th Aug '13

Someone likes stealing George Costanza's name XD