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Dovahkiin 1 child; 1 angel baby; Kentucky 16776 posts
30th Aug '13

If that happened in my classroom I probably would have called the police.

FroggysMommy 1 child; Golden, Colorado 27014 posts
status 1st Sep '13
Quoting Minion:" Yesterday a 3rd grade boy stabbed a girl in the face with a pencil, right below her eye. It actually ... [snip!] ... The Deputy had just sent him back to class when he stabbed the girl. What do you think? Do you think his punishment is fair?"

Something more needs to be done so he can get the ramifications of what he did.

In 5th grade I had a friend, her twin brother was practically at war with this other kid. Jared was nice and stuff but this other guy just didn't like him at all. One time we heard a shitload of commotion, ran into the other room and saw Jared holding his hand... the other kid (his name was Matt) had stabbed his hand with a pencil and the lead broke off deep in his hand.

But the parents agreed to let Matt come back and have an intervention between the boys.

Later on in the year we hear screaming... like shit being thrown and it sounds like the classroom is blowing up. Matt runs into the next room and is tossing chairs around and flipping the f**k out. Like chairs being thrown, the big long desks that have 6 people side by side... that was flipped. Throwing water bottles, binders, whatever he could get his hands on. He lost his f**king mind. Then we found out that prior to that he bit Jared in the arm so deep and hard it caused severe trauma to his muscle. It was insane.

He ended up going to my alternative school the next year. What did I do? Turned around in my desk and growled and said "GRRRR DONT BITE ME!" with a pencil in my mouth (yeah I was a little shithead). But he had actually calmed down and wasnt f**king insane and just laughed and said "Yeah that was pretty fucked up of me."

Anyways, kids are crazy in school now. Even without a weapon kids can f**k each other up!