I can't have an epidural and need advice Msksatt Due April 13; Florida 30 posts
30th Aug '13

My name is Kristen I'm 21 and expecting my second in April! :)
I'm excited, however, nervous. I shared my story on and got bashed for sharing my last labor story. I was considered a troll and a made up profile lol but nope I'm real! When I had my son September 18 2010 I got an epidural and fell asleep, about 45 after getting it I went into cardiac arrest and died for about a min or so. No pulse or breathing my sons heart rate went from 160 to 30 beats per minute. Woke up with pads on my chest and people in my face telling me to stay awake and I needed to try and push? Yea. I just died and they wanted me to push my son out I was 10 cm dilated which I did (barely). Anyways me and my son are happy and healthy he is now turning 3 next month. Don't want to share details because apparently some people can't handle it and I know it's a scary thought during pregnancy so ill skip over.
Anywho, wanted some support on going natural I know it's going to hurt so any kind of insight would be great. Going to the same doctor I had with my son for the sake of history repeating I'm hoping he will help me take steps in avoiding that happening again. He said there's no known reason for my death other than the epidural so I am choosing to not do it, I haven't even seen him for my first check up yet but I'm sure he will agree. Any experienced natural labor goers on here? Please share your birthing experience I'm looking for honesty and don't try to sugar coat it, I'm prepared for the worst so don't hold back on sharing :)
Thank you!

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30th Aug '13

I just had a baby 2 weeks ago and went natural. I had an extremely fast labor though. It was tough but I had a great support team and they were key in helping me fight through the pain and get him out. Congrats on beating death, though.

[Gryffinwhore♥] Due March 3; 34 kids; Poulsbo, Washington 32852 posts
status 30th Aug '13

I had an all natural birth.
Would do it again over a million times before ever having another epidural. The recovery from the epi is so NOT worth it.

Just work with your body. Breathe and move through pain. Just let it happen.

Trey&Genesis'momma 4 kids; 4 angel babies; Somewhere, IN, United States 4622 posts
30th Aug '13

I have no advice but good luck. Sounds to me like you had an allergic reaction to the epidural to the extreme. I almost died because the hospital gave me morphine with my first. So that's a big no no for me and it's gonna be hard for me because I have to have a csection and I am allergic to the spinal to the point that they almost lost me on the surgery table with my last bc it messed with my heart and blood pressure so bad and I have nerve damage from the spinal too :/ TTC since Aug 2013; 35 kids; Tennessee 910 posts
30th Aug '13

How scary. What a terrible thing to experience when trying to birth a child. With my first I had an epi and it knocked me on me out. I would literally wake up and push and pass back out.
To be honest....Birthing a baby hurts. Contractions hurt. As you are birthing the head you feel a ring of fire. But, woman have been birthing babies with no drugs much longer than with drugs. Try reading up on breathing techniques, maybe look into hiring a doula. Music also helps. Water births can be a little less painful. But just think, if you have no epi and you and baby have no complications you could go home just hours after having the baby.

Ꭶwan♥Nemo 1 child; Kansas City, Missouri 7416 posts
30th Aug '13

I had a accidental natural birth. I went from a 3 to a 10 in the time it took for them to walk down the hall to get the guy with the epidural (I just wanted one to lesson the pain for a minute so i could sleep, but the pain wasnt that intense for me). All in all, I didnt think it was bad at all. It hurt, but the pain was NOT unbearable. And i had labored at home for 30 some odd hours before even going to the hospital. You can do it.

Squid Kid Unavailable, NA, United States 32448 posts
30th Aug '13

I had a natural birth, it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Feels like you took a ton of laxatives and pushing feels like constipation.

Transition was the only really painful part.

Just don't lie on your back, it makes everything a million times worse.

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30th Aug '13
Quoting Msksatt:" My name is Kristen I'm 21 and expecting my second in April! :) I'm excited, however, nervous. I shared ... [snip!] ... I'm looking for honesty and don't try to sugar coat it, I'm prepared for the worst so don't hold back on sharing :) Thank you!"

well 1st and foremost i'm so happy you and baby are fine :] I would suggest talking to your doctor about other ways to cope/deal with pain. I had the epidural with my son but since I wore off during pushing I've decided i'd rather go without one this time around. my plan is to use the birthing ball for as long as I can, then hop in the shower they have awesome shower jets that help with the contractions in belly/back... if that fails I'll try the pain relief through iv. I have plenty of support this time around and I just know I can do it. my sister and law is a mother of 9 (five) birthed & went natural with all she said if you can deal with contractions then you wont need the epidural.

Msksatt Due April 13; Florida 30 posts
14th Sep '13

Thank you ladies for your advice and stories it helps a lot! I think I can do it, Im Pretty good with pain for the most part and I had my son within 2 hours of my water breaking so I know long as its fast ill be happy :)