If you're a working mom or a student A&J. ♥ 1 child; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5613 posts
30th Aug '13

What are your days off?

Starting Tuesday I will be in class every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-930pm

And the other five days of the week I will be working.

I am not gonna have a day off until thanksgiving. I am so tired just thinking about it. I have to switch my schedule around but I wouldn't be able to pay bills / live

Pretty much I just need a higher paying part time job.

EasyComeEasyGo Due October 27 (boy); 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Maryland 8030 posts
30th Aug '13

I work full time mon-fri 9-5 and occasionally on Saturday mornings.
As much as I love my hours, I still feel like I get barely any time at home.

I am seriously looking forward to my 12 weeks off!

LA REINA™ New York, NY, United States 16286 posts
30th Aug '13

I'm not doing either right now but last semester I worked and went to school, I didn't have a complete day off the whole time. I was either at school, at work, or school before work. Sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do to survive.
Edited to add times
I had class MW- 11-4:40 work at 6 until either Midnight or 2 am and class TTh from 12-5:40 and work at 6 until either Midnight or 2 am. Friday work from 6 pm until midnight, Saturday work from 6 pm until 4 am, and Sundays work from 11 am until 6 pm. I hated it but I also saved a lot of money and got really good grades since I barely had time for anything besides school and work. My daughter and I would do stuff on Saturday afternoons since it was the only free time we really had together.

user banned 1 child; Germany 12377 posts
30th Aug '13

I have weekends and Thursdays off school.

I make my own work hours so I'll either work Thursday or a day on the weekend... unless I have a lot to do I might work a little everyday. My goal is to not work on the weekend though so I have time with my family and homework time without too much stress. I'm going to work between my classes as well, and I hope I don't have to do more than that aha

Colt's mommy 1 child; Moore, Oklahoma 21464 posts
status 30th Aug '13

I work full time Monday through Friday. I have Sat and Sun off but DH works 13 hr shift those days. I feel like I work too much and I'm hoping that in a few years that DH can get a higher paying job and I can go back to working part time. If we hadn't have bought this expensive house, I could have stayed working part time. If it was for school, that's different. You kind of just have to power through it since you know that you're bettering yourself for the future.

JΔS Georgia 74479 posts
30th Aug '13

8-5 Monday - Thursday, 8-4 Fridays and every 3rd Saturday, 9-1.

KyleySays Due June 4 (boy); 2 kids; Japan 265 posts
30th Aug '13

I go to school 9-3 Monday (labs), off of work. Take care of child.

Tuesday and Thursday, work 8-5, come home to take care of child.

Wednesday and Friday, work 8-5, go to class 11:30-12:30, come home to take care of child.

DH's job cut him down to 9 hours a week (we are worried they are about to close down altogether!). I myself am waiting for him to get a better job and we just scrape by right now.

Kiddo doesn't even sleep all the way through the night so I'm a pretty tired mama. I don't consider that I have any days off, I'm either doing homework, playing with child, or house work. We probably wouldn't even eat if DH didn't cook dinner!

CerealMakerWife♥ TTC since Apr 2013; 5 kids; Ukraine 36287 posts
30th Aug '13

I work Mon. - Fri. 8- 4:30. I also go to school part time, but do it online.

I did the whole working 5 days, going to school for the other 2 and it sucked. Hang in there.