8month old not interested in solids? !!*Gunner's Mom*!! Due May 25; 33 kids; Oceanside, California 133 posts
31st Aug

Hello, my DS is not interested in baby food at all. Sometimes I can get him to eat fruit. The only luck I have is oatmeal. Is this normal. I've been trying since 6 months. He's all about my food so I give him little tastes of what I'm eating but an still afraid of choking.

Colt's mommy 1 child; Moore, Oklahoma 20544 posts
31st Aug

Some babies don't like purees. Just give him soft solids, avacados, bananas, etc.

Queen Rosa 3 kids; Sarasota, Florida 4793 posts
31st Aug

Yes, I agree with Colt's Mommy. Also, If you have not heard of baby lead weaning you should research it when you are free sometime.