yo moyo 1 child; Ishim, Russian Federation 1335 posts
2nd Sep '13

I guess I'll be the first to say that I have no age restrictions. lol

FroggysMommy 1 child; Golden, Colorado 28348 posts
2nd Sep '13
Quoting BlackVelvet:" I wont go higher thanTwice my age"

Holy hell that would make someone almost 60 for me... I so could not do that, lol!

DisneyMommy 34 kids; Florida 6301 posts
2nd Sep '13

My late Husband was 16 years older than me, and my SO is 7 years older than me.
I love men in their 40's, many men in that age group are mature emotionally, financially stable, know what they want, and have done enough living that they have already sowed their wild oats, and are ready to settle down.

Chef Sarah ♥ Due May 11 (boy); 1 child; Hollywood, FL, United States 10802 posts
3rd Sep '13

SO is 10 years older. Works for us.

I've always been into older guys. lol. I don't think I could see myself with someone younger.