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4th Sep

<blockquote><b>Quoting Squeaky McGee:</b>" Yeah... that's what I thought. The first time my DH and I didn't use a condom, I got pregnant. Then ... [snip!] ... to save you the heartache, because we've all been there, but you're taking offense to it. You need to grow some thicker skin."</blockquote>


Pretty much the same thing with DH and I. We are on month 14 and have had one miscarriage. With dd it was one month of not taking my bc correctly and missing a couple pills.

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5th Sep

After all these years I will never understand why they all think that making up some story on how "successful" they are automatically makes them mature and that the story is believeable. Of course, they always leave with a temper tantrum and a childish insult. Ugh!!