Need hairstyle opinions Cass Hole 3 kids; Shiloh, IL, United States 7588 posts
8th Sep '13

So, this is my hair now...I just got it done and I LOVE it! I'm getting more pink added to it and having the color brought up higher on Saturday. I plan to keep this style for a while....
^^ That's not a huge pimple under my eye, it's a black eye that's healing. Ignore that^^

But I also LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Think I could pull this off?

S & S +1 1 child; 1 angel baby; Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada 369 posts
8th Sep '13

I think so :D

Allons-y Due January 29 (girl); 2 kids; Utah 2318 posts
8th Sep '13

I think the pink/purple on top would look awesome!!

Momma R 2 kids; Washington 3631 posts
8th Sep '13

i LOVE the full color look. I think you could rock it!

BRowell 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Bristol, TN, United States 3721 posts
8th Sep '13

I think you should do it, you'd look so badass!

Nicola. 2 kids; Huntsville, AL, United States 7820 posts
8th Sep '13

You could pull it off! I love it.. not my style but it fits you!

Ronnie RadKat 4 kids; Arizona 22052 posts
8th Sep '13

I LOVE that purple on the top with ombr

Onalee's Mummy Due August 26 (boy); 1 child; Newcastle, Australia 5355 posts
9th Sep '13

I love the purple on top. I actually think it would look better