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9th Sep '13

I am so anxious for my doctor appointment tomorrow at 10am. I am kind of nervous they won't do a blood test, but with me being almost a month late they should - right?
Anyway, here are some symptoms and things that I hope are to do with pregnancy.
Tiredness, but sometimes can't sleep at night or wake up alot.
Crampy feeling, but not all the time.
I have pain inside my pelvic area, and my right leg hurts and aches so bad.
I have a yeast infection, which I never get unless I take antibiotics and I haven't taken any lately.
My face is breaking out.
I have spotting from Aug. 24-Aug. 29. Only light pink/light brown spotting and only when I wiped, and only about 3 or 4 times.
My b**bs were very tender and sensitive for a few days. Felt heavier.
I am almost constantly nauseated, or get it in waves.
I crave weird stuff, at weird times of the day.
I've felt like I've had a cold for the past 2 or 3 weeks; stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing up phlegm.

I am hoping this is it and taking vitamins and folic acid + BD everyday has done the trick :).

Hey, 10am tomorrow, would you like to hurry? kthx :) :D

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9th Sep '13

Have you tested?

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9th Sep '13
Quoting ☮ Phuket:" Have you tested?"

Last time I tested aug 30th. It was negative on an EPT.

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9th Sep '13

Good luck! I know my docter would definately order a blood test so I should think you'd get one being a month late!

I hope you get some answers. I'm sure you'll keep us updated :) x

penispenispenisVAGINA 4 kids; Idaho 7110 posts
9th Sep '13

You should take another since it's been almost 2 weeks.