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9th Sep '13

this is Beth Whitson...had to make a new profile so I could log in to the site from my phone because my windows phone won't let me log in from Facebook with my regular profile.

anyway... I am 9dpo right now and I really really think this is the month for my BFP. My b**b pain is getting almost unbearable, last night I couldn't even sleep on my stomach b**bs hurt so bad, they feel swollen and my husband told me only two types of people go to bathroom as much as I did yesterday...pregnant women and older people that just can't control it anymore, ha. When I was pregnant with our daughter, the first signs that I was pregnant was horrible chest pain, peeing allll the time and exhaution. Although my cycle was very irregular at that time and I didn't test until I was 9 weeks along already. Our daughter will be 2 in November and I am really hoping my gut feeling isn't messing with me about being pregnant this month because I really want my hubby to be home when we have our second baby since he is in the military and will deploy the middle of next year.

good luck to all of the ladies on here TTC as well! I will be testing in a couple days!!

SeabeeWife401 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Gulfport, MS, United States 746 posts
10th Sep '13

so I took a test this morning...i thought I saw a very faint line, but I'm going to wait until Friday when I am 14 dpo to test again because I know today at 11dpo was probably a little early. Wish I took a picture of the one I took this morning...the next one I will!