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9th Sep '13

I am not sure if this is where to post about this topic nor do I know where to begin. I have three boys of my own, ages 10months, 2 yrs, and 8 yrs. I work part time as an STNA and I am a full-time student in a respiratory therapy program. The new school year has just began and things have been very chaotic. My boyfriend's sister and her husband are paying my oldest sons tuition at a private school because they feel that he would not "survive" the public school system here, which is why last year he started the private school. I feel like a crappy mom to put it simply just because they are paying my sons tuition. I politely declined their offer time and time again, but they kept pushing the issue, so I caved. Anyways, I have clinics and classes very early this semester and it interfered with me transporting my son to and from school. So there were a few days a week that my boyfriends sister and her husband were helping out. Well, now it's gotten to be more and more that my son is always at their house,which is at the end of out driveway, they see him more than I do. They have stressed over and over that they are not trying to overstep any boundaries and that they are doing all of this to help out because I have my hands "full" and its for the benefit of my son. But last night they came over and asked if my son can stay at their house sunday evening through friday and then spend the weekend with me. They said he needed consistancy, which I know kids thrive on that. And they said it was becoming a behavioral issue at school when he stays some nights with his own his own bed? I understand my son likes to be at their house, they are more "fun" because they are his aunt and uncle and they have more money and tons of cool, fun stuff for him to do. I just dont know what to do. I want the best for my kids, but why does everyone feel like they can do so much better of a job raising my son than I can? I need advice please. I am asking for help, not to judged or criticized for making mistakes. I am human.

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9th Sep '13

Just don't let them make the decisions. You're his parent, parent him. If you don't want him to be at their house as often as he is then don't let him.

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9th Sep '13

It does sound like he is bouncing around a lot. I would wait until the end of the term and pull him out and put him in public school.