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12th Sep '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting .Colleen.:</b>" While I support homeschooling as well as public and private schooling, I resent the implications that ... [snip!] ... that this picture implies. The things you list are supposed to be taught by a parent rather than a school anyway :?"</blockquote>

This. Also, I was homeschooled for a year from 2nd to 3rd grade. I hated it. I was always bored with the material and lonely. My brothers and I all went to public school and I can assure you we all have a mind of our own, have above average intelligence (don't just memorize random information) and were sat down one on one with my dad (who was the stay at home parent) and did our homework with us. Besides doing homework with us, we were to do regular reading outside of school, were taught how to catch and clean fish, taught to help in the family's very large garden and taught to cook.