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10th Sep '13
Quoting LaLaLuvsAugust:" 80 for groceries? OMG!!! Why don't you qualify?? thats got to be hard."

I make 2K a month, which is ok money, so Im not eligible for ANY government benefits. So I pay daycare, medical insurance, gas, rent, school loans and all bills all out of pocket. Rent plus daycare for a month alone is 1K. School and medical insurance are about 500. So I have to divide 500 into groceries, gas, and necessities. Sucks.

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10th Sep '13
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10th Sep '13

Cause they're lazy, criminals who don't wanna work. I hope they all get caught and go to jail.

I can't go to the local walmart here w/o druggies and drunks trying to sell thier cards for 50 cents on the dollar. My old neighbor, who was a "recovering" drug addict got a couple hundred dollars a month, would go sell them, and use the money for drugs. I'm not judging people for being on them, but selling them is F'd up.