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11th Sep '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting speaktruth2powr:</b>" :!::!::!: My daughter's go-to quick meal is yogurt, a little bit of honey, granola and blueberries."</blockquote>

My kids love that, too. Pumpkin flax is their fave.

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11th Sep '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting ρiηkie ρie:</b>" Is she bored? She may be eating out of boredom then. Lots of people do it, kids included just to have ... [snip!] ... and she wants something else try distracting her with something fun. If she forgets about it, she wasn't hungry to begin with. "</blockquote>

it may be boredom honestly. she has noone besides me here and dh maybe 2 hours a night. one of the reasons we're moving back to.indiana soon. I'll just have to get her mind in something else.

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11th Sep '13
Quoting 1inpink2inblue:" I would give her healthier options."

This! Offer fruits and veggies instead. If she is still truly hungry she will eat those.