Growth Spurt or something else?? Felicia Staats Due October 4; 1 child; Hamilton, 1481 posts
status 11th Sep

So recently my daughter has been going crazy with milk!!! I mean like every second shes asking me for a cup of milk or juice or water and Ive never seen her drink soo much, She eats a little more then usual but thats good... Right?

Well i read online that they are either going through a growth spurt or it could be symptoms of type 1 diabetes. She doesnt seem to get tired alot but she urinates like there is no tomorrow. A box of diapers usually lasts me 1 month but now im already half way through and its only been 10 days!!!! It doesnt seem to look like she is loosing weight but then again she only weighs 22 lbs at the age of 15 month...... Im going to the doctors next week for her 15 month check up so Ill be sure to ask questions just wondering is this normal toddler behaviour? What are some of the symptoms you experienced while your LO was going through grown spurt and any moms out there that their child was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes?

izzy+Ethan 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 4056 posts
11th Sep

Well if you give them more juice and milk then Normal they are going to pee more lol . If you are concerned bring it up with the doctor.