JΔS Georgia 70894 posts
12th Sep

Once a week.

We don't use shampoo at all. They don't have product build up so I find it unnecessary for my kids. I just wash their hair with conditioner (Tresseme Naturals, Shea Moisture Co-Wash). We don't use conditioners with any "cones" in them because cones can only be shampooed out or it will cause build up. I only use water and a natural oil (olive, coconut, avocado, sweet almond, etc) to style my kid's hair.

♥ Mrs. S ♥ Due September 20; 2 kids; Venezuela 12962 posts
12th Sep

My kids get bathed or take a shower with me almost everyday or every other day. I wash their hair once a week with shampoo. (It's the baby shampoo) We've had the same bottle since my 3 year old was born so that should tell you something, lol.

Kimber's Mommy 1 child; South Carolina 4272 posts
12th Sep

Every day, or might possibly skip a day here or there. She has weird hair. It's gorgeous, but it gets random dry spots that can get knots. If I skip a day though, it gets oily and harder to manage. Plus it's on the thicker side and is curly and she's always getting shit in it.

Gold 2 kids; "Coastal Virginia", VA, United States 31528 posts
12th Sep

Maybe once a week... but I don't really use shampoo or conditioner. I just use coconut oil in it afterwards. I used to use a leave in conditioner but can't find the one I used to use anywhere. They both have super curly hair and washing it too often would lead to lots of frizz.

lise. ෆ 1 child; 1 angel baby; Cold, Ol, Canada 58738 posts
12th Sep
Quoting Just Ames:" Tea Tree Oil is wonderful for this! Add a few drops to her shampoo for "maintenance" to not catch it again."

Done :wink: as soon as I found the lice, the tea tree oil was in her shampoo.

Minion Due September 30; 2 kids; Toccoa, GA, United States 19972 posts
12th Sep

She gets stuff in it and its a tangled mess if I don't.
I also have to condition it everyday or else it gets tangled too.

❥New Beginnings Due September 2; TTC since Jul 2012; 1 child; California 16189 posts
12th Sep

once a week her hair doesn't get very dirty and I wash mine 2-3 times a week but mine gets greasy kinda fast so if I could I'd go a week like she does. that's what my hair stylist said was best for us

Wolfskrieger 17 kids; Morgan Hill, California 1564 posts
12th Sep

I wash my almost 2 year olds hair everyday. He doesn't really have that much hair but usually every meal he gets what ever he is eating on his hair