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status 12th Sep '13

I feel terrible for LO. He's almost 4 and just started preschool last week. We've slacked on play dates the last 9 months or so and he hasn't had any regular friends since then. He tries to ask kids at the park to play and they usually say no at first. They end up playing together after 15 minutes or so though. Then he's devastated when they have to leave. I thought he would make friends at school easier but he hasn't so far. He said today that the kids didn't want to play with him and it made him sad. He's only had 3 days so far, will it get better? I dont know what to tell him to help him. Do you guys have any advice? I'm pretty socially awkward so I'm sad that he probably got it from me, since DH is a social butterfly, lol.

May be post and run, and sorry if there's typos I'm on my phone.l

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12th Sep '13

It's only been a couple days so I'm sure a lot of this is new to them too. I hope it gets better for him and he makes lots of friends soon.

DD is the youngest in her class, and it's noticeable. A lot of the other kids are going on 4, DD doesn't even turn 3 until the end of November. I was really worried about her making friends and feeling different bc she doesn't quite understand the worksheets and such, but it has been great! Every day when I pick her up, she is around the kids and involved in the activities. Her crafts aren't as "pretty" as the older kids and her worksheets come home blank a lot, but she has really grown socially in just the few days she has been there so far.

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12th Sep '13

I'd give it time. I was horribly shy (kind of still am) as a kid. It got way better for me as the school year went on because I got used to the kids and they got used to me. I was able to open up more and get to know kids better.

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12th Sep '13

when did he start? my son has only made 1 friend in kinder this week.. well 2 but he doesnt know his name yet lol hes just his lunch buddy he says.

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12th Sep '13

I would give it some time.

As far as with the kids playing at the park, I would just let him know that sometimes it is hard to make new friends, and that it isn't HIS fault the other kids said no. & that eventually if the other kids want to play with him that is fine, (or something along those lines).