Teeth grinding?? Rue's Momma 1 child; North Kingstown, Rhode Island 3448 posts
13th Sep

My 4 year old unknowingly grinds her teeth in her sleep so loudly it wakes us up at night. Does anyone have this problem with there little ones?? Is there anything to stop it?? I'm just worried about her ruining her teeth

♥ laura-marie + 1 1 child; Stalybridge, United Kingdom 1334 posts
13th Sep

my 16 month old does this!
it's terrible, it's so loud!! I'm scared he's gonna chip his teeth but I don't think theres anything to stop it.
im gonna watch this though incase someone has an idea!

*KatteyBug* Due November 18; 1 child; Hazel Green, AL, United States 1604 posts
status 13th Sep

I have actually had that problem since I was little and nothing really helped me. :( It made my jaw hurt really bad though.

Momma___ Due September 20; Japan 100 posts
13th Sep

Have her bite checked at the dentist. If the bite surface of the teeth isn't fitting together right, it can cause you to grind your teeth. The trick is to stop it and correct it before it becomes a subconscious habit regardless of whether the bite is corrected.