Holy shit The Time Police 2 kids; Cold Lake, AB, Canada 33400 posts
17th Sep

I went upstairs to take a shower with my daughter. I finished, opened the bathroom door... And I thought I heard someone come into my home. I called out my husbands name, no answer. I heard a crash and a bang, so I was panicking. :shock: Come down the stairs, and the f**king wind blew in my screen and knocked pictures and a painting off of my wall :? I was going to bike in to my daughters dental appointment, but NOPE. f**k that.

Sorry, had to post about this. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack :?

lacTAYtor. ☮ 3 kids; North Carolina 4496 posts
17th Sep

:shock: Eek! I would've passed out, I think.

Bad Things 1 child; Blacksburg, SC, United States 15768 posts
status 17th Sep

It's windy in sc today too. Started last night and I swore I heard banging on the door at midnight. It turned out to be the wind too! It's nice to have done breeze, but I hate being alone and hearing strange noises! Lol. I would have had a heart attack if I was naked! Lol

Steph{♥T&A♥} 2 kids; Arkansas 1891 posts
17th Sep

I hate when crap like that happens! My cat's scared me multiple times by knocking big shit over and making loud bangs. Ugh lol

Mommy&Stinkbug 1 child; Fredericksburg, Virginia 6032 posts
17th Sep

omgosh id poop my pants.
thankfully we have 3 dogs a very large one and a medium and medium small one.. they all sound very large though lol so people dont mess around here.

The Time Police 2 kids; Cold Lake, AB, Canada 33400 posts
17th Sep

So, I went to my daughters dental appointment. She had a hard time walking on her feet to the truck, so I had to carry her. The wind is freaking bad :?