When should I test again!?!? Courtney Due September 13; TTC since Sep 2013; 2 angel babies; Brisbane, QL, Australia 53 posts
17th Sep '13

This is my OPK today.
I know it's negative but it's getting darker and darker.
My question is, when did you get a positive after an OPK like this one?
As you can see in the photo I'm CD8 C1 and the reason I tested today is because I don't when I'm due to O as I had Implanon removed. Going by my old cycles (2 years ago) I should O Tuesday/Wednesday (24th/25th) but I know my cycle won't be the same as it was 2 years ago.

Any info would be great!!

I'm mobil so can some please post the above photo! :-)

Momma R 2 kids; Washington 3631 posts
17th Sep '13