This might sound bad.... Courtney Due September 13; TTC since Sep 2013; 2 angel babies; Brisbane, QL, Australia 53 posts
29th Sep '13

But I love the fact my partner is home on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It stops me from testing on the weekend. I'm going to hold out on testing all this week and test on Monday the 7th which will make me 17DPO. AF due 9th. I want to test while he isn't home so that I can organise a cute way to tell him. I know if I am pregnant ill probably get a BFP sooner then 17DPO (maybe) but I need to hold out until he's at work otherwise I won't be able to contain my excitement. I could test Friday the 4th making me 14DPO but I don't want to test to soon. Holding out is so hard to do. 2WW is horrible.

How did you tell your partner when you got your BFP?

Arya's Mommy 1 child; 1 angel baby; 211 posts
29th Sep '13

I wish I had done something cute. I looked up a bunch of ideas that I was gonna do, but when I got my BFP I couldn't wait to tell him. It was our first time TTC since I had a m/c last year. Next go around I will do something cute =p Lots of baby dust mama. Hope you get your BFP

Just Emily :) 2 kids; Casa grande, Az, United States 8623 posts
status 29th Sep '13

I wasn't cute when I told him. It was like 5 am. I woke him up and said "hey wanna see something interesting?" Lol. This time I wanna do something cute. Baby dust to you!

*Mommy 2 Braydyn & Izayah Due June 15; 2 kids; Warner Robins, Georgia 1221 posts
29th Sep '13

I plan on making both my oldest a shirt that say I'm the big brother and then my youngest a shirt that says and I'm a big brother too. I have an embroidery machine so I'm going to embroider them this week while he is at work so I will have them ready when I get my positive.

CrystalM13 Due September 30 (girl); 1 child; Friendsville, Tennessee 105 posts
29th Sep '13

I don't think it sounds bad at all, I think its awesome. I really hope your test show positive though! It would forsure make him feel special by you putting a little something together to surprise him. I think its a great way to break the news :) Goodluck and baby dust and wishes your way!

Courtney Due September 13; TTC since Sep 2013; 2 angel babies; Brisbane, QL, Australia 53 posts
29th Sep '13

Thank you all for your inputs and wishes. Thinking I might put a parcel in the post for him with a ' I'm the big brother t shirt' and a home made card with is it a boy or is it a girl with my HPT.