Painful - yet totally normal bowel movements Teegan Australia 1 posts
3rd Oct

I care for a little girl who is just over 2. Her mum and I are concerned about her painful bowel movements.

She starts saying she is sore, that she has a sore tummy. And she keeps asking to have her nappy changed. She becomes quite distressed and insistent. Grabbing your hand and pulling you to the bathroom.

She is normally super independent and plays happily with her best friend and isn't normally overly cuddly. Yet, when this happens she becomes my shadow and just wants to sit on my lap and cuddle. This can go on for hours before she poops!

The facts:
Her poops are not hard at all
She goes regularly (at least once a day)
She doesn't eat much fruit or veg
She loves carbs (bread, pasta, rice)
She doesn't eat sweets or junk food
She loves milk and yoghurt
She drinks loads of water

Mum has taken her to the doctor and they didnt have an answer. The only thing I can think of is that she has poop trauma...that she had a painful poop and is now scared to poop? But she seems to be in actual physical pain.

Any suggestions would be helpful :)

*Mommy 2 Braydyn & Izayah Due June 15; 2 kids; Warner Robins, Georgia 1221 posts
3rd Oct

If she eats a lot of bread, pasta and rice that can cause a lot of issues. I had the same issue growing up. Once I started eating more fruits I had less problems. I also had started getting a glass of Apple juice to help make it easier.