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Dreams almuuh 2 kids; California 1701 posts
2nd Dec '13
almuuh 2 kids; California 1701 posts
2nd Dec '13

sorry, my phnoe wouldnt type in the box. but doesn anyone have dreams that come true in the weirdest ways? i had a dream my ex left for a weekend. i couldnt find him and i needed him for my sons party i think? then i found him on his way back with his siter and her friends (i dont like them) and they were in some cabin a few hours away. they get back and he apparenlty got married to some b***h i cant stand. so then the next mornign i wake up, he says hes leaving for the weekend alone. i didnt think much of it, and told him my dream telling me he better not run off and get married. well....... turns out his weekend wasnt alone, but with his sister and her friends. they were staying at a hotel a few hours away, and i happened to not be able to contact him all weekend when i needed him, because our son had a stomach flu. i spent the weekend in both the dream and irl looking for him. its just weird, and i had NO idea he was even going there. he had told me he was going to a beach in malibu... am i crazy? or does this happen to other ppl too? lol