Heartbeat Rachael bradford Due March 22; Japan 17 posts
28th Dec

I'm 17 weeks with my first I'm always paranoid I've had 4 scans told havif a girl heard heartbeat and wondering if there's a Doppler on here as seen someone say there was if so could anyone help me as of where it is please? X

❤ Summer ❤ Due April 25; Gordon, GA, United States 234 posts
status 28th Dec

you can buy a doppler, i got an angelsounds one when i was 9 weeks, and still use it and now 23 weeks :) it gives so much peace of mind

The Great Deku Tree 1 child; Kokiri Forest, IN, United States 4133 posts
28th Dec

I had this doppler, ordered from this website.{keyword}&gclid=CMD3ppKN07sCFQlgMgodNUQAew
Works well, fairly cheap, and definitely eases your mind.

natalie.nixon2 United Kingdom 1 posts
28th Dec

I have just bought the iPhone app called Babyscope. At £2.49 it was a little tricky but at 19 weeks I could hear the heartbeat.

MissMommy1 (12 weeks) Due October 13; TTC since Aug 2013; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Brooklyn, New York 1260 posts
28th Dec

I bought a Doppler with my son. It always gave me such reassurance especially when my son didn't move much that day.

Marko'Pokomo Akron, OH, United States 3660 posts
28th Dec

You can buy a doppler, but its ill advised because your baby can still be in distress and have a heartbeat.. same with hiccups.. not trying to scare you, but its always better to get checked out if you think something might be wrong.

Rachael bradford Due March 22; Japan 17 posts
30th Dec

I'm a nervous wreck lol. Feels like spasms today n keep getting sharp weird pains in right side of my back bit sore. Is that normal?