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20th Jan '14

Jan 19 2014 I had my presh little man at 37w 2days! 
I began having contractions after a busy hectic day at 1230 by 2:00 the pains were constant in my back and every 4 minutes contracting. I called my doctor to let him know I thought I were in labor. I arrived at 3 my doctor finally called back and I was put in observation. I had dilated to a 2 from my last appt. Within an hour I was 3 and 50% effaced. I was admitted around 530. Dr broke my water around 615. I began progressing quickly but hit a plateau at a 6 only to find the foally bAlloon was in the way. After we moved it around I began to progress more. Had my epi at around 10am btw. At 235 my dr said I was ready to push. I began pushing at 2:40. He was born at 2:43pm jan 19. 7lbs 1oz 20inches long. 

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Congrats on your little boy! Enjoy snuggling your newbie. :)

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Congrats! I bet he's gorgeous! Super Happy

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Congrats !!!!!38

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