so happy to be back :D EK91 TTC since Nov 2014; 1 child; Fort Worth, TX, United States 1460 posts
10th Feb '14

it's been nearly 9 months since i've been on BG. so excited! no more "i wonder if everything is okay." "is this normal?" wonders and questions! she's here and the silliest baby girl you've ever seen. already trying to stand on her own at 9 months. i'm one happy mommy!

meℓissa. 1 child; ..., CA, United States 19933 posts
11th Feb '14

Welcome back :)

TechN9ne 1 child; ........, .., United States 17347 posts
11th Feb '14

Welcome back! Jillian just turned 9 months yesterday! She's trying to walk lol! They grow up too fast!