he is here!!!!! StinkBug 1 child; London, UK, United Kingdom 6516 posts
Feb 26th '14

Hello ladies! After a few days in hospital, Kai is finally here!!! He is the most perfect little dude ever!!!!

date: 25th february 2014
time: 8:43am
weight: 8lb 5oz
height: 52cm

it was a bit of a traumatic birth for us both, I was taken into theatre after 1 hours 30 mins of pushing, and he was delivered by forceps whilst I had an epidural and a spinal block. Nevertheless he is the most gorgeous boy ever and I am so happy that he is here nice, safe and sound!

* Clairebear * 1 child; 1 angel baby; Ireland 4979 posts
Feb 26th '14

Awww congrats hon he's gorgeous!!! Super Happy  Sorry you had such a rough time! 

KissMeFinnNelson<3 1 child; 2 angel babies; Glasgow, Scotland, UK, United Kingdom 5408 posts
Feb 26th '14

Congratulations!!  At last Mid Happy

Lagertha 2 kids; Brisbane, Australia 3157 posts
Feb 26th '14

Nawww he's so beautiful! Congrats darl!

Chelsey Frederick Due May 22 (girl); Coushatta, LA, United States 147 posts
Feb 26th '14

He is soooo precious!! Congrats!! :)

StinkBug 1 child; London, UK, United Kingdom 6516 posts
Feb 26th '14

he has slight bruising on his head but it doesnt matter to me! Thank you mamas :)
my little chunky monkey!!!

Mama2(three)Boys ♥ 3 kids; New Jersey 11519 posts
Feb 26th '14

Congrats hun hes too cute!

Stanford PA 2 kids; Tulare, CA, United States 2900 posts
status Feb 26th '14

Congratulations! He's so precious! 

{Shelly} 3 kids; 1 angel baby; London, United Kingdom 7087 posts
Feb 26th '14

Congratulations!! He's beautiful! :) x*x

user banned Due June 16 (girl); United States 293 posts
Feb 26th '14

Congrats he's beautiful!!!! Happy you are both safe and healthy!!!!!

user banned Due April 1; 163 kids; 10 angel babies; New York 1368 posts
Feb 26th '14

Quoting EmilyCK:

he has slight bruising on his head but it doesnt matter to me! Thank you mamas :)

my little chunky monkey!!!

slight bruising prolly forceps my son was deliver via forceps aswell an agumented birth in 5 hours.
an brusing on hes face  il show you a picture684c471d913a38c666548aadfae09b18.jpg9c2de3182005cc7f130f5386b065acfb.jpgb4d522a137d5d2bfff0fa4773d2b8237.jpg56c235da7ce4faa44e1ccebb173f2bea.jpg
these were all moments were he just arrived  an the one in the cloth diper plastic cover is a day after he came home. his head from the forceps was really bad 

bean.dip 1 child; 3 angel babies; Assawoman, Virginia 1220 posts
Feb 26th '14

Omg he's adorable! Congrats, mama!

worshipthedirt Due May 26; North, Tx, United States 1181 posts
Feb 26th '14

Very cute! Congrats!

MinionMaker 1 child; ., LA, United States 871 posts
Feb 26th '14

he's gorgeous! congrats :D

jgnmelissa 3 kids; Middle of Nowhere, IA, United States 2251 posts
Feb 26th '14

congrats! He's so handsome! 

PS: Kai was on our list of names too. Good choice mama! :)