Nerve pain during labor?! Dwight Schrute 2 kids; Somewhere, TX, United States 4582 posts
Feb 27th '14

So, I was induced yesterday morning,  and my beautiful son was born at 1:24pm.  The labor progressed quickly and the delivery was uneventful.
Once I was dilated to a 7 I noticed a weird sharp pain in my lower back and going down my butt.  I was trying to forego the epidural so I decided to just deal with it.  About two contractions later the pain was so intense that I could barely breathe.  So I gave in and got the epidural.   To my surprise,  the pain got worse instead of subsiding.  I ended up yelling, "it still hurts like a f**king b***h" to the poor nurse who was caring for me.  So she brought in the anastesiologist who told me it sounded like nerve pain that wouldn't go away until I delivered.  It was an awful pain that shot down my lower back, down my butt and leg, and into the front of my abdomen.  Worst pain I've ever felt in my life and it never occurred to me that labor contractions would cause crippling nerve pain that couldn't be helped.  
Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

Annette Topham 5 kids; Utah 637 posts
Feb 27th '14

I had that issue during my 1st delivery. Dr kept telling me it was back labor and the baby was in the wrong position. Even the epi didn't take the edge off. My son came sunny side up and took me a couple of weeks for that nerve pain to finally go away.