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status 28th Feb '14

So my daughter is 10 days old and her stump hasn't fallen off yet but it has a bad smell (like death). Its not bleeding or oozing but its stinky. I did get it wet accidentally during bath time a few days ago. It doesn't bother her.. Should I clean it with alcohol?  How long does the stump stay attached usually? How can I get it to stop being stinky?

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28th Feb '14

Do not use alcohol.  It kills the good bacteria it needs to heal. That was an old school method. Did you use a cloth to dry it after it got wet? If not then thats where the smell is coming from. It can take a while for them to fall of especially if it hasnt been kept dry the whole time.

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28th Feb '14

my first daughter, the hospital told us to leave it and put nothing on it, it will fall off on its own, and it did at 7 days. however my second daughter, the hospital put some dye and alcohol on it. and told us to clean it every day with the alcohol swabs. and it worked quickly. if you're concerned, you could always call the Pedi and just get some advice, and see if the alcohol swabs would be ok to use.

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28th Feb '14

I was told if it starts to smell she should be seen by her pedi.

DD2's fell off around a week old on it's own. Sometimes it takes longer.

With DD1 it took awhile to fall off, but that was back when you used alcohol on em still.

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28th Feb '14

I was told to use alcohol swabs on both of my children's umbilical cord stumps. I did that and made sure to clean under the edge of them really well. Their stumps dried up and fell off pretty quickly!

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28th Feb '14

My son was three weeks old before his fell off.  The smell is probably dead tissue.

i would just leave it alone 

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status 1st Mar '14

Thanks girls. DH rubbed a little alcohol on it and it fell off a few hours later finally. I was gagging while breastfeeding her because it had a bad smell. All is good now :)