Start preparing for baby? Brittany Tippie Due August 17 (girl); 1 child; Rockwall, TX, United States 757 posts
24th Apr '14

I am 23 weeks when is a good time to start preparing for baby (buying crib diapers clothes etc) i have already started a little. but not sure if i should REALLY start just in case i go early

Alex Vause 3 kids; ........., BC, Canada 3870 posts
24th Apr '14

Whenever really. I didn't start until I was 34 weeks with this last pregnancy. With my first I was 29 weeks 

*rocky* *tkat 8/1/2014* 1 child; Cedar Rapids, IA, United States 1133 posts
24th Apr '14

i just hit 24 weeks myself and we have the crib and changing table. my baby shower is planned (for the most part) so we are waiting to buy anything else until after the shower, so we can just get whatever we aren't gifted. but i'm feeling anxious and want to start buying for sure!

Brittany Tippie Due August 17 (girl); 1 child; Rockwall, TX, United States 757 posts
24th Apr '14

im not having a baby shower with my son i was 16 so a lot of stuff was bought for me and pretty early. now i am doing it all on my own so i am worried to wait too long lol i guess it wouldnt hurt i figure ill buy one big thing with every paycheck... i dunno

jrobles19 Due May 4 (girl); United States 6 posts
24th Apr '14

We started to prepare at 36 weeks..i think its good to start earlier so u dont feel any pressure

JessicaLeighC 1 child; United States 157 posts
24th Apr '14

This is my first pregnancy, when i found out what i was having we went right from the docs to my favorite baby store to buy a few outfits. After that i stopped buying clothes as i am blessed with an overexcited giving family, but i felt like i still needed to be buying things so i felt like i was preparing. I decided to buy a pack of diapers or wipes everytime i go to the grocery store. They are taking up a lot of space now but i know i will be using them soon enough and its easier to afford them now while im working! We have the money for the crib set aside but our nursery is still not ready so we havent boughten it yet! We really need to get a move on that!

jcardin29 Due July 5 (boy); 2 kids; United States 1197 posts
24th Apr '14

I am having a shower, but a small one, I have been putting everything in layaway. We don't have credit cards or anything. I'm 30 weeks on Saturday and my shower and my last layaway payment is due for the car seat, stroller, swing, and bouncer. I guess we must have put it in when I was 24 weeks.

Corey N Mel Williams Due July 3 (girl); United States 164 posts
24th Apr '14

Id start buying diapers in different  and wipes now 

**Awaiting My BFP** TTC since Dec 2012; 2 kids; Red Bud, Illinois 3169 posts
25th Apr '14

I would start buying stuff now. Or another idea would be just buy gift cards to the stores so when you find out what else you need money is already saved for it.

Nessa Bowen Due May 14 (girl); 1 angel baby; Australia 20 posts
26th Apr '14

I put on big lay-bys so I knew I had everything I needed
with my baby shower I let the girls know what I didn't have and they bought me stuff from there
so if you don't wanna get something let ya friends  buy it for you