Good fitness stuff on WiiU / Netflix / Hulu etc?? BakaOnna Due February 26 (boy); TTC since Mar 2014; Upstate, NY, United States 632 posts
13th May

Heya, I've started taking steps to get in better shape.
I'm mostly concerned with some excess midsection. 

I was wondering if anyone could provide names of some good fitness tools and even workouts, etc.
using Wii U, Netflix, and or Hulu Plus which we have. :)

I have been using the My Fitness Pal app for a couple weeks and getting along with it pretty well, lol. 

♥Mizy & M or J ♥ Due July 27; 1 child; 6 angel babies; Far far away land, GA, United States 31979 posts
status 15th May

youtube and pintrest are awesome. You can get 30 day challenges on pintrest i usually do two togather.