26 weeks and movement user banned
5th Jun '14

I'm just about 26 weeks and the past 3-4 days I have felt barely any movement. He's usually crazy at night before bed and now I will wait patiently for hours and not feel anything, even after eating/drinking. 

I had an appointment Tuesday and I brought up to the doctor he was moving less and she said that it was fine, that kick counts don't start until 28 weeks. But should his movement really be this little? I mean he has been super active since I was 17 weeks, now I feel maybe one tiny flutter a day. He's getting bigger so shouldn't I be feeling more movement? I mean you used to see my whole belly moving from the outside, but not anymore :(

Sebastian Blake <3 1 child; United Kingdom 1975 posts
5th Jun '14

I don't know about normal or not but since 24 ish weeks my baby seems to have a really lazy day or 2 and then a crazy active day. Then it'll be normal for a few days before going back to lazy then crazy again. It worries me everytime but less so now I can see a pattern to it. 

Live-Laugh-Love 3 kids; Kitchener, ON, Canada 8455 posts
5th Jun '14

It could be the position hes in or he could be having some lazy days but if you're concerned go get checked out!