help me! Amber Rene Unger Due September 15 (boy); United States 2 posts
7th Jun

I'm 6 months with my first child and I'm having swelling and itching down there after sex, and when I take a bath, the warmness of the water makes it burn. Its super uncomfortable to wear underwear. I don't know what to do. It don't hurt to pee, it just hurts to wipe due to the swelling. It burns to wipe down there. Can someone help me please!

goatfajitas Due September 30; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; dirty 5 thirty, CA, United States 3774 posts
status 7th Jun

Sounds like a yeast infection. 

Heaven blessed 3 kids; 6 angel babies; Seaside, Oregon 6180 posts
7th Jun

I would check with my doc about a yeast infection. Also the swelling could be from the weight of baby. 

Sheldon & Elora's Momma Due July 19; TTC since Aug 2013; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Lansing, Michigan 1486 posts
7th Jun

I agree about yeast infection. Call your dr., mine was able to get me a single pill script that helped within 24 hours.

Razzberry_89 Due October 5 (girl); 1 child; Gaffney, South Carolina 206 posts
7th Jun

Could definitely be a yeast infection and also theweight of the baby. I get the swelling down there all the time and often feel like someone has kicked me with a steel-toed boot. But the itching sounds a lot like infection which is very common and easy to get with pregnancy. Call your Dr. for sure and be easy on yourself. Maybe use a cool compress for the swelling? Baths can also aggrivate infections and make them worse. 

Kay Stiles Due February 28; 3 kids; Savannah, GA, United States 778 posts
7th Jun

Yeast infection. Don't waste a copayment, lol. Just get a Movistar three day but call the nurse to make sure it's ok first.