Pins and needles/numbness Kara's Mummy 1 child; 1 angel baby; United Kingdom 256 posts
8th Jun '14

So the last week or so, when I sleep I end up having to move every hour or so. Whichever ever side I'm on I loss feeling in my arm and hand and get major pins and needles or just completely numb... It's annoying but I just want to know if it's normal. Never had it before unless I'm sleeping in a dodgy position. But this is any way I sleep...

anyone else have this?

bree555 Due October 7; 1 child; 5 angel babies; United States 229 posts
8th Jun '14

I get it in my left upper leg all the time. Just the side I sleep on gets numb (on the outside)and I lose feeling. My ob says it's normal.

lily27 TTC since Dec 2012; 2 kids; Sydney, NS, Australia 1080 posts
8th Jun '14

Apparently very normal and common. I get it too. 

❀Sarah❀ 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Cocking, EU, Europe 129739 posts
8th Jun '14

Restless leg syndrome

Pretty common, especially while pregnant.