1st Postpartum Period Color.... ❤ Summer ❤ 1 child; Gordon, GA, United States 364 posts
12th Jul '14

I had a c-section April 22nd, and had the bleeding (lochia) for 2 weeks and it completely stopped, about 2 weeks ago I had 2 days of brownish colored stuff, wasnt alot but i think it was left-over lochia. Well 2 days ago I started my period it feels like but the color is almost black, not red but it definitely smells like blood (tmi sorry) and im crampy moody etc. lol is that a normal color for the first pp period? should i be worried? also the blood is not a lot, not overflowing, but enough to keep a pad on.

PaperFlowers♥ 1 child; Anchorage, Ak, United States 7498 posts
12th Jul '14

Yeah that's completely normal. My first PP period was weird too.

Kkodajohnson92 1 child; Canada 46 posts
13th Jul '14

Yep that's normal! I just got mine too and that's exactly how it should be! Just the old blood right! 

❤ Summer ❤ 1 child; Gordon, GA, United States 364 posts
18th Jul '14

ok great thanks Tongue