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Do you have a best friend? POLL user banned
Jul 21st '14

Do you have a best friend? 
Only friends I have are my sisters, the 3 of them would be my best friends. I can't seem to stand or keep anyone else around long enough because I am shy and dont know how to confront people being a*****es so i just stop being friends with them. 
my husband is amazing, he is also my best friend. but sometimes I feel like family isn't enough

California Dreaming ♡ 4 kids; ..., CA, United States 4628 posts
Jul 21st '14

I'm one of those people who is best friends with their husband...lame. Shy

goatfajitas 3 kids; 1 angel baby; dirty 5 thirty, CA, United States 3996 posts
Jul 21st '14

I have one of each. My SO and my besty since 2nd grade.

user banned TTA since Jun 2010; 5 kids; Japan 207 posts
Jul 21st '14

Quoting California Dreaming ♡:
I'm one of those people who is best friends with their husband...lame. Shy

why is that lame

thewininghooker. 1 child; 1 angel baby; Somewhere, In, Canada 72548 posts
Jul 21st '14

I have a best friend and SO is my best friend as well.

=^•^= Due December 1; NO, OD, France 36151 posts
status Jul 21st '14

Yes, I have three, two girls and a guy. I talk to them daily but unfortunately I don't get to see them because I live over 200 miles away. I don't consider DH to be my best friend. He is more than a best friend. 

Kai♥ 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Neverr, CA, United States 3475 posts
Jul 21st '14

I do consider my husband my best friend but I also have a female best friend that I've known all my life. I think without my main squeeze I would be a mess today, she has been through so much with me and seen me at my worst. Love that girlMid Happy

Butterfly Guns ., CA, United States 7196 posts
Jul 21st '14

My sister is definitely my BFF. 

Mommie♡♡ Due March 14 (twins); 1 child; Wilmington, Nc, United States 5057 posts
Jul 21st '14

i have two female best friends and then my SO is my best friend

~*MommyOf2~ 2 kids; Kentucky 877 posts
Jul 21st '14

at this point in time my husband is my best friend. mmy best friend of 13 years just passed away 4 months ago :(

NicoleBaldwin 1 child; British Columbia 81 posts
Jul 21st '14

My hubby is my best friend.

JΔ$ 2 kids; Georgia 85477 posts
Jul 21st '14

I do. We have been best friends since we were 8 years old. No matter how long I go without speaking to her, when we finally do, it's like we never stopped.

Mommy to B&B 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Texas 968 posts
Jul 21st '14

I have one of each I have a female best friend that I've known 21 years!! I love her so much and then I have my male best friend that I have known for about 5 years....funny story though my male best friend is my females best friends ex,they dated for like 3 years lol  long story but we all get along great!! My husband is more then a best friend to me.

RJD5 1 child; United States 2925 posts
Jul 21st '14

My husband is my BFF. But I still have that girl that I can talk to about things DH doesn't want to know about (girl stuff) and I consider her my BFF. But if I could chose one to spend the day with, it'd be DH

user banned 1 child; ., ., Afghanistan 14887 posts
Jul 21st '14

Well I have no SO, but I have a few gfs that I would consider my best friends.