Dying hair? Bo's and Gavin's mommy Due December 17 (boy); 1 child; United States 6 posts
31st Jul

I'm 20 weeks and getting sick of my roots showing. Is it safe to dye my hair?  

[Mika] ♥ 37 weeks! Due December 8; TTC since Sep 2011; 1 child; Australia 2037 posts
status 31st Jul

They say so long as you do it in a well ventilated area then its ok. I try and not get any on my scalp either but thats just personal preference. 

...:::Brittany:::... Due July 31; 3 kids; Dawsonville, GA, United States 6606 posts
31st Jul

I've didn't with my first(I didn't ever dye my hair back then though) then did with my second at the very end and I have got highlights using a cap twice with this one so far. Needing to do it again. When I highlight my hair I use bleach because my hair is lighter anyways so that's what shows up best and my doctor said it was fine. Of course I do it where it's well ventilated and it doesn't get on my scalp because of the cap it I'm not picky on that. 

Zolouman 1 child; United Kingdom 375 posts
31st Jul

Yep, I dyed my hair twice during pregnancy, it's fine as long as you are in a well ventilated room.