So mad at myself. Turd.<3 1 child; United States 1616 posts
31st Jul '14

So I wake up super engorged. Like my shirt and bed were get up and go wash my stuff to pump cause it was all dirty. It's like 7am, so I'm exhausted and not fully with t. I come back and pump 6 oz of milk, and I notice it's really bubbly. I smell it, and it smells so bad of soap. This might sound gross, but I take my finger to the bubbles and taste it to see and it tastes like soap. I wanted to be sure so DD didn't end up drinking it. So I didn't rinse something out after washing it and now 6 oz of milk is wasted and down the drain! Just had to share cause I'm very upset :( I cherish my milk when I can get it lol. 

Mama2(three)Boys ♥ 3 kids; New Jersey 11449 posts
status 31st Jul '14

Ugh no! That stinks! Sorry hun. 

Captain Hook 2 kids; Right Here, JK, Saint Lucia 453 posts
31st Jul '14

I would have cried.  I could not pump, at all.  It hurt so bad and I would barely get 2 ounces, and even when I dropped a little bit of that I would sit down and cry!  

MrsJp13 2 kids; Inland empire, CA, United States 2029 posts
31st Jul '14

I would have cried so bad!

Turd.<3 1 child; United States 1616 posts
31st Jul '14

Yeah I was very upset :( especially cause I'm going back to work and school and need as much put back as I can get.