c/s mommas! Lyla & Maxwell's Mommy 2 kids; Wisconsin 844 posts
8th Aug '14

I had a csection 6 months ago and in the past few weeks have developed a hard lump at the end of my scar.  At first I thought it was an ingrown hair but now it's still there a few weeks later and is sore to touch,  Any ideas of what this could be?  I called my OB and they of course said to come in but I HATE going to the doctor... :(

Alex Vause 3 kids; ........., BC, Canada 3870 posts
8th Aug '14

I've had 3 sections and never had anything like that. I would definitely make a dr appointment asap

countrytink 4 kids; Ohio 702 posts
8th Aug '14

Most likely a suture that is working it's way out. They can get infected so it's prob a good idea to go in. 

Lyla & Maxwell's Mommy 2 kids; Wisconsin 844 posts
8th Aug '14

This is my second so I know it's not 'normal' but ahh I hate going in  especially since I'm fairly sure she's going to say lets wait it out.... blah

mrs.white8389 TTC since Jan 2015; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Florida 1135 posts
status 8th Aug '14

Might be a internal stitch that didn't absorb, I still have them 4 months out so possible to still have a few 6 months out. I'd goto the doc. I know my nieces mom had mersa from those, but they popped them and cultured it. .