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14th Aug '08
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14th Aug '08

No,the worse thing about all these "Quotes"that are on this web site designed to help people regaurdless to AGE and RACE is that everyone just wants to argue with some...honestly ladies...act a little more mature!

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15th Aug '08
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23rd Aug '08

im 26 years old and find that i realate to the teens and what they are going through... im not married to my BD nor are we engaged.... we dated for a little over a year before i found out i was preggers..we dont have the story book relationship and we def dont have a traditional life...i think teens, 20's 30's whatever... we can all help each other and somehow relate to each other. THATs y we are all on one site...

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28th Aug '08
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29th Aug '08
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2nd Sep '08

I may only be 16 and pregnant but I still can make educated opinions.
It is not "SAD" that this website consists manly of teenagers because most of us were on summer vacation from school, you know that THING us teenagers do during the summer? Why aren't you at work? You have enough time to critique teen pregnancy?

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17th Sep '08

honestly i don't like people who bah teenage moms, What about these older mothers who prostitute their kids for drugs, and neglect their kids to go party everyday or have drinking problems and abuse their kids? have all of the older mothers on BG forgotten about that. this site is for help obviously WE don't know everything about being mothers just as you don't, if we did would we come o thios site for information. i believe the creator of this site did not intend for it to be so judgemental if that was the case they wouldnt let teens even join te site. The world will always look at teens parents like they are the worst things on this planet and all WE can do is learn from our decisions and make wiser choices. My mom had her first child at 15 and is a wonderful mom with a great casreer nothing has stopped her and guess what she has 8 kids all ny the same father and was married at 18. She didnt judge me when i came in her room and told her thati was pregnant so leav it alone. and the tolerant open-minded pepole on here continue to SUPPORT and GUIDE us we obviously need it thak you.

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20th Sep '08
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Yup... this is exactly what this board is for. Way to go ladies.