RcknSAHM1 2 kids; New Mexico 196 posts
13th Aug '11

Is there a state by state thread or can they be started?

Sarah Kent24 Due May 4; 16 kids; Clarksville, Tennessee 527 posts
27th Nov '11

Is there a military mommies thread? I noticed alot of military mom or 2b on here, but not sure if there is a thread. Thanks :D

20000alexa Japan 1 posts
2nd Jan '12

my link alexa

MamaChelsea5390 Due May 14; Japan 10 posts
2nd Feb '12

hey there, just want to ask if anyone would like to vote for my little girl bailey in a cutie contest.. all you have to do it click the link and then "like" the photo for your vote to count [:)] it only take a second..

Kelly&Coralie 1 child; Rochester, New York 55035 posts
status 5th May '12

Sorry wrong thread

Magic Belly Japan 23 posts
8th Jan '13

Hello everyone,

Since I have been looking for a social media network ONLY FOR PREGNANTS and did not find one that has "All in" I decided to ask my husband to make one, so he did!
The website is like Facebook/Myspace but only for pregnant women, for us to contact, share and brag with photos and videos of our bellies!

Please join our new community at:

C u there!

treann79 33 kids; Wisconsin 1189 posts
18th Feb '13

Hi! Was wondering how to make a sticky or if someone could make a sticky for those of us who have suffered thru stillbirth and are now pregnant with our rainbow babies! (maybe in the suffering and loss forum?) It's such a roller coaster ride and would be great to have a place to go. Thanks :)