Spider bites??? *UPDATED W/ PICTURE* proudmommy617 1 child; Florida 105 posts
8th Jul '08

Have any of your children ever had spider bites??? baby james has what I think is a spider bite on his calf on his leg....its bright read all the way around it and then on the bump its kinda blistery....i'm a little worried but not too sure if i should take him to the drs or just put something on it I have been putting neosporn on it and so far it doesnt look any better I just noticed it yesterday so i'm not sure if i should get it some extra time or not?...he doesnt have any other symtoms or anything?...any suggestions would be greatly appriciated!! =)

oh and by the way my son is 2 just in case that helps.

Mrs. De La Cruz 4 kids; Cypress, Texas 3374 posts
status 8th Jul '08

could also be staph infection or an abscess.. both hurt like hell.

MamaLeah85 Due April 11; 3 kids; Ramore, Ontario 1191 posts
8th Jul '08

I would take him in.The same thing happened to me and we found out I was allergic.
Has the redness gotten bigger around it?

Akeema 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Altus AFB (AFB), Oklahoma 6753 posts
8th Jul '08

Do'nt put neosporin on it it doesn't help at all it can sometimes ven make it worse. Put an ice pack on it and take him in spider bites are verry dangerous.

proudmommy617 1 child; Florida 105 posts
8th Jul '08

thankyou everyont =)my husband is at wrk that is why i'm kidna wondering about taking him in....he has the car so I might just have to wait && take him to after hrs when he gets off.....but I did call his pedi and she said to watch him && to watch for other symtoms and keep putting neosporin on it....i'm not really too sure when it happened I noticed it yesterday morning....

brodyzmom Due December 18 (girl); 1 child; 3 angel babies; Huntsville, Alabama 2792 posts
8th Jul '08

I was bitten by a spider a few years ago. The first day or so it looked like a little red bump, then around 24-48 hours later red welps developed shooting out from it all the way down my arm. A few days after that all the blood came to the surface like a giant hickey and stayed that way for almost a month. After the welps developed I went to the doctor and they gave me a shot. Keep an eye on it.

proudmommy617 1 child; Florida 105 posts
8th Jul '08


brodyzmom Due December 18 (girl); 1 child; 3 angel babies; Huntsville, Alabama 2792 posts
8th Jul '08

I think I might take him in just to be on the safe side. Was it that size when you first saw it or has it gotten any larger? Mine wasn't that big (as far as I remember). It could be a ton of different things but you really don't know unless you take him in. Have you tried googling spider bites and comparing pictures? I was bitten by an agressive house spider.

♥Briea♥ 2 kids; San Antonio, Texas 4524 posts
8th Jul '08

Yep thats a spider bite. I know you said you already caled yourdr but i asked mine about spider and scorpion stings because i got stung by a scorpion 2 weeks ago in the house and wanted to find out ahead of time what to do if anthony got bit. They told me a spider bite will look like a big mosquito bite but have 2 holes in it that are right across from each other. My sqorpion sting just looked like an ant bite and was gone the next day. They said to give benadryl and watch it. My son is only 1 so im sure you could give your son some baby benadryl.

♥ PUFFIN ♥ 2 kids; South Africa 224 posts
9th Jul '08

oooh that is scary-poor little bub :( I would also take him in rather-be safe.
Nate gt one that looked very similar to that on his left cheek :shock: I assumed it was a bite....but his ped looked at it and said it was a pimple that had turned into a absess (sp) and he had to get it hubby saw and he said the gunk that came out of it was frightening.....

I was just gladthere wasnt some scary spider lurking in my house somewhere trying to eat us:shock:

good luck-and let us know.

GracieMommy 1 child; USA 1 posts
3rd Sep '09

Thanks Briea,
I am pretty sure now that my 2yr old daughter has a spider bite--your descriiption of the two dots in a row is what she looks like a zit...I'm gonna do my best to get her into the doctor asap tomorrow(thursday) I'm worried its been bright red all day long and the bump seems like it got more raised thoughout the day...
anyhow...I'm gonna have to be head strong with my husband he tends to downplay my worry.... thanks