y0urkissisc0smic Due December 5; 1 child; Hamilton, 20 posts
Jun 26th '13

it most deffinately is BULL, I am 18 years old, with a 20 month old son, and a baby due in december, I am financially doing wonderful, and oh wait, AM GRADUATED, oh and one more thing, I DO NOT have my friends and family behind me, i don't even have my baby dad behind me, i do it ALONE, and I am doing perfectly fine so is my son, and the child in my womb, so do not EVER hate on teenage mothers, because half of them are way better then mothers 25 and up, and not to mention, at least they owned up to what the did, and didnt get an abortion. thank you, inconsiderate person.

Barbara Outten Due November 15 (boy); Waterville, Maine 480 posts
Jun 29th '13

Ill be 20 in two weeks, and I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby. The way I see it is that everything that happens is meant to happen. I'm taking this pregnancy very very VERY seriously, considering i was told that i would NEVER be able to keep a child full term do to uterine scarring. Getting pregnant has probably made me become a better person. Before I was pregnant, I would be partying with my friends every night, 57 days straight of at least a 1/5th of Jager to myself every night. Partying was my life. I quit partying about a week before i missed my period, something told me it NEEDED to stop. So far I've made it to 20 weeks and a day and not had any major complications. My cousin who is almost 30 years old just lost custody of her child, and miscarried for using heroine. I graduated high school two years ago, I work a minimum of 37 hours a week, with a work at home option available. The only state assistance I get is WIC, but I pay just as much in taxes as everyone else in my pay scale would. I don't age is so much a problem as maturity is, and that honestly has a lot to do with how the PARENT raises the child. Just because you can be financially prepared, and mentally capable of taking care of another human being, doesn't mean you are a great parent, kids need to be in an environment where they learn positive words, actions, and thoughts.

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Jul 4th '13

The first problem about these statistics is that you are getting your information from a website known for containing sometimes false information. Anyone can go on there and add what they believe to be accurate information. Second, statistics are biased and don't account for ALL people and their situations. It's an assumption based on what people think not what actually is. Third, we are constantly bashing teenage mothers instead asking where the father of those children are. Where are the statistics there? No woman at any age is ready to have a child and the same goes for men. A child is a responsibility much more than just being able to financially support them. Money, education, and social status does not make someone a good parent. Society has placed a stigma on teen pregnancy and the girls who try to do the best they can. Most people don't even know the true definition of welfare, but instead use society's definition of it. In reality, we have all used some type of welfare at one point in our life. Just because it wasn't food stamps or low cost housing you received does not mean you did not receive assistance. I was a teen mother, I grew up, finished high school before my class, started college, got a job, raised my son, and I'm in my last year of college. I didn't receive any public assistance throughout my entire journey by our society's definition of welfare. No to mention I am now 22, married and pregnant with my second child. My children aren't going to be 24 months apart and we aren't living in poverty. Statistics only account for SOME of the stories and not all. We need to step away from this "concerned for teenage mothers and the well-being of their children" thing because the only thing society is concerned about is placing a stigma on women who actually try to do the right thing. So until you are a teenage mother, have experienced what it is like, and have been labeled a "leach" on the system, SHUT UP! You have no idea what you are talking about and are using unreliable "facts" to support your stereotype of people. Take a social welfare class and start learning the definition of some of the terms you so freely throw around.

Teen Mom Rock Due August 25 (girl); Georgia 8 posts
Aug 12th '13

Before I begin I must tell you that Wikipedia is not a factual site. As a college student I'm not even able to use it as a reference source when writing essays because it does not contain reliable information. In fact, according to Wikipedia I as a teen mom should not even be in college but instead I should be having a hard time completing my education. Well I've been a college student since 2010 when I was 16 and am still successfully enrolled with a bachelors in Sociology. I am now 19, a teen mom, and completing a masters in criminal investigation. I currently work at Dekalb County Jail in Stone Mountain Georgia as a data entry clerk making $18.32 an hour. Once I complete my masters in criminal investigation I will be working in the forensic science field as a fingerprint examiner. According to Wikipedia, I should be doing none of these things with my life. I should be broke at my parents house and looking for a meal. Wikipedia also states that teen moms have a "poor diet and eating habits". Well I am proud to tell you that my husband and I do not eat any other meats besides lamb, goat, and fish (which all must be kosher). We have our own garden which we grow tomatoes, red, green, and yellow peppers, okra, lettuce, and a variety of herbs. We shop at the health food store more than we shop anywhere else. Oh and did I mention I'm married? Yes, I'm married to the father of my child and the ONLY MAN I've ever been with in my entire life who is also 19 years old. We also do not smoke, drink, or use any drugs or controlling substances. My husband completed military school in 2011 at Fort Gordon Academy. He is now in the Georgia National Guard. We have a beautiful home of our own. A car of our own. We do not ask anyone for anything. We are not poor, in need of benefits, struggling, or uneducated. When it comes to my pregnancy I am very aware of how I should uphold my body. I jad a natural water birth which is something women older than me are not even strong enough to do. I am also breastfeeding my child and going all natural as my husband and I do when it comes to the way she is bathed, feed, and even put to sleep. Now according to Wikipedia a person like me "a teen mom" does not exist. But I AM HERE. AND THERE ARE OTHERS. AND WE BREAK ALL STEREOTYPES ABOUT TEEN MOTHERS. Everyday I go to work and I file reports about child abuse, child neglect, child molestation and 97.1% of the time these parents or people performing these acts on those children are above the age of 21. You must know that being a teen mom does not make a person a bad mom or an "unfit mother". You can be a bad mom at any age. It's all about the mothers mindset and the fathers mindset as well. Always remember that. I know that my husband and I have more than teens without children have. And its not because we're better than them. It's because we want it for ourselves and our daughter. I thank God everyday that I am a mother because she inspires me to want more for myself. I would never use the Wikipedia site (or any other site) to "stereotype" a group of people. The only evil is ignorance. And the only truth is knowledge.

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Sep 8th '13

My mother had her first child when she was sixteen, and then had five more after that. As her third child I'm proud to say so far we all have graduated from high school on time, without failing any classes. My brother is to graduate this year and next year my sister starts high school. I couldn't be any more proud of baby brother who is only three and starts his first day of preschool tomorrow, yet he can already read, spell, count by multiples, add and subtract. I graduated with honors, and so far have had great grades in my college career, but I can't say it was as easy for the rest of my siblings. I was the only one not in resource throughout school but they've all made it along just fine. I'm only 19 now but when I have my baby I'll be 20. But to be honest I don't think that makes much of a difference. I believe if you're able to raise you child with its practical nessicities and love everything will turn out fine. I sing and read aloud to my bell every day and am anxious for the day I can teach her outside of the womb.

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Dec 8th '13

Quoting Orlaith:
I actually have replied to this before but i have too again.
Many ppl here know that im a mom of three and i just turned 20!
Oh jesus shot me now like. I had my first child at 17 when i was engaged i had my twins a few months ago still engaged to the same person shock horror. Im one of those awful irresponsible ppl you seem so convinced to put down. But you know what im not and neither are any of these girls. In fact i believe were better moms. Were all makikng HUGE sacrificies in our livese for our kids and are willing to do anything for them. Espically putting up with shit from ppl like you.
I go to college ill be a qualified lawyer in 2 years. My fiance and i own our own home we both work and support our kids WITHOUT WELFARE or support from families. And get this the twins WERE PLANNED. Yes i planned to be a mom of 2[didnt think it was three!] at the age of 19 and i dont regret it. So what if i want to be a young mom. so what if i want the energy to run after my kids and not embarrass them by looking like their granny at school meetings. Last time i checked it was my decision and my body.
Anyone who comes onto a forum thats here to support young mothers to lecture us and tell us what to do is totally out of order. We dont need you to patronoise us or tell us what to do. Were all perfectly capable of supporting each other and the advice i got on here was far better than that of any "adult mom".
Our decisions our our own not yours. Back off give us some space ok??

[Sorry for being so angry!]

Just out of curiosity did you finish your law degree? Just wondering...