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status 31st May '09
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brittbritt7161 Due February 28; Savannah, Georgia 1 posts
26th Jul '09

i am 9 weeks pregnant and i havent gotten my first ultasound because i am moving from california to georgia. but my belly is poking out like crazy! i lost only 6 pounds and havent gained much at all... its all belly! i think i am pregnant with twins they run on my boyfriends side of the family and mine also!

my cousin is14 or 15 weekspregnant and i am bigger than her! could i really be having twins? would the doctor be able to tell right now that there are 2?

Amanda Smith *TWINS* Due April 13; 3 kids; Ohio 3 posts
1st Nov '10

I am pregant with twins and 16 weeks along and my belly is huge. I have been showing since about 2 1/2 months along!!

Epily 18 kids; Indiana 227 posts
22nd Jan '11

I am also 16 weeks pregnant with twins and I started showing pretty early as well.An now that I am 16 weeks I look more like 8 months lol already most of my shirts look like belly shirts lol So I have been wearing my husbands t-shirts.I guess it's time to buy some maternity cloths!I am just kinda sad that I have to wear them so soon.

Amanda Patridge Due April 15; 2 kids; Union, Missouri 2 posts
10th Sep '11

I am 9 weeks pregnant with twins and showing also. I "popped out" literally overnight 2 days ago. I have two other kids (singletons) and did not "show" until around 3 or 4 months. I know I have two separate placentas. Could that make a difference? I'm excited for you! Cheers to twins!!! Good Luck!!!

Elizabeth mommy of 5 California 1 posts
31st Jan '12

hey all new here had to post im on pregnancy 5 have had 3 live births i am currently in my 9th week of pregnancy with twins well 10 weeks n 2 days but whos counting any ways iam too blown up like no other and im only 5 foot and 100 lbs befor each of my children im not at all built for two lol so i do belive that yes any one of us can go from tiny to back up beeper in no time at all hello i went from a 3 to a 7 in a month ok so your uterus is twice as swollen and u produce twice as much hormones think about it ur body is preparing to carry two babys not one and that alone is no cake walk we are in for it and by the way i get realy bad all day sickness last time with my boys nothing so hang in there research and love ur library it helps to get real medical facts

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21st Sep '12

I have had 5 kids and am now almost 4 weeks with twins and I'm already showing. Has anyone felt really blah when they first were pregnant with twins?

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21st Sep '12

Did you do IVF? I didnt know they could see baby that early, or at least they couldnt when I was 5 wks!