Has anyone had to give birth at 20 weeks? UPDATE tparke Washington 347 posts
27th Mar '07
I went in for my routine 20 week ultrasound yesterday and found out that my baby is going to have to be delivered because it has no amniotic fluid surrounding it and it's brain/head has something wrong and the kidneys are extreemly enlarged.

The doctor recommended that I end the pregnancy immediately but suggested I go to a perinatalogist first. I have an appointment tomorrow morning but the doctor pretty much said that I have to deliver it soon.

I am so devistated and raw and in so much pain. I'm 33 and this was going to be my first baby. I was so dumb and happy walking into that ultrasound yesterday because I thought I'd see my baby healthy and swimming around.

So now I hve to go to labor and delivery and give birth to a baby that will either die during delivery or immediately afterward. The doctor said that they can fix so many things but this is one of those things they just can't do anything about. The baby cannot mature w/o amniotic fluid and there is something very wrong with this baby, like it has some sort of 'syndrome' or chromosomal abnormality.

Has anyone heard of this or has anyone gone through this so late in pregnancy?
steph_h United Kingdom 1 posts
16th Mar '10

exactly the same thing happened to me, i went my 20 weeks scan so excited to see my baby and then found out id lost all my amniotic fluid, the difference was they told me my baby was healthy and they didnt know why my body had lost this fluid. i got told id probably go into labour the next few weeks or have a miscarrige. they did suggest termination in which i 100% didnt want. sadly 3 days after that scan i went into labour, and 22 hours after starting labour i gave birth to a beautiful little girl called madison. she was alive and i could see her heart beating, she stayed alive for 6 hours unaided. what the frustrating thing is is that my little angel was alive for this length of time and they didnt even try o keep her alive. but i feel blessed that i went through labour and got to hold my baby in my arms. the hospital let me keep madison with me until the following night when i got discharged. this all only happened 8 days ago, and madisons funeral is tomorrow. it really is devastating when u hear all that off your scan, and i know exactly how u feel.

SparklePrincess 16 kids; Salt Lake City, Utah 31 posts
20th Jul '10

I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy at 21 weeks and 1 day. The pre term labor was caused by a Infection that had reached the amniotic sac. Although my situation is different from yours, the hospital did nothing to help save my baby. The Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist was actually 2 and a half hours late, he arrived 15 minutes before I gave birth. He was supposed to be there so we could discuss the options I had (Stitch the Cervix etc). My son survived for 51 minutes unaided.

Dominica Dobbins Texas 1 posts
10th Nov '10

I had a Spontaneous Abortion at 14 weeks 10 years ago. Just last week on November 1, 2010 I had an early delivery of a 20 week baby. This time seems harder because I had to bury her and dress her. Not to mention she was born alive and I held her. She opened her mouth and moved her arm. All I could think about was how close I was to having her. Your story gives me so much hope.

Kayla Parmann Due April 9 (boy); Port Huron, Michigan 15 posts
20th Nov '11

Hi hunny. Im going basicly through the same thing. my water broke like 3 weeks ago and i thought i was just peeing.. theres like next to no fluid in for him and his lungs may not be devolped and he has a tiny stomach. I to have to give birth to my little boy, SOON. like as in this upcoming week or next. idk if we are going to be able to save him. but i wish you luck girl and since we are both going thru this.. you can text me anytime you need to.
810-294-3627 if you need to talk

Harry4th Japan 1 posts
8th Nov '12

Quoting tparke:" I went in for my routine 20 week ultrasound yesterday and found out that my baby is going to have to ... [snip!] ... sort of 'syndrome' or chromosomal abnormality. Has anyone heard of this or has anyone gone through this so late in pregnancy?"

My fiance's water broke @ 20 weeks today. I feel your pain, there was no pronounced syndrom and baby has to come out. They said there is no chance for the baby and there is no nic unit here and she was very uneasy with what the doctor told her. They told her if there was a chance they would send her somewhere else. I called other hospitals around only to hear them say that "they cannot diagnose her unless she is there." She is so frantic that she couldn't go even think straight. I am sorry for you to make it so far and am still going through painful process. I hope the decision for both our babies is the right one!!!