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almost 2 year old cry baby Ashlen~n~ Da boyz!!!! Due July 18 (girl); 3 kids; Atlanta, Georgia 997 posts
23rd Sep '08

does any one else have a 22 month old or 2 year old that just crys ALL the time... iam at the end of my fuckin ropes with this little boy he is driving me crazy he wakes up about 2-3 times a night EVERY night for a cup... its gotten so bad that BD had to sleep in his room in order to get enough sleep so he can go to work on time.... he just wont stop he is sooooo annoying.... I thought maybe he is doing this because iam going to have the baby soon... but i started to think hey he's been like this since he turned 1.... have anyone else experinced this with thier toddler.... or is mine just the biggset f**king cry baby in the world.

official xbox smasher 18 kids; El Paso, Texas 70400 posts
23rd Sep '08

I'm pretty sure it's cause you are going to deliver soon. It might be a cry for attention.

Shaboopy 5 kids; Bristol, Indiana 1346 posts
23rd Sep '08

My daughter drives me insane too, Welcome to the terrible 2's :)

Jessica mama of 5!! 5 kids; Loganville, Georgia 965 posts
23rd Sep '08

every child is different just remember that. It may get worse because he may know that you are about to have the baby. Believe me all 3 of my kids have alot of periods where the act like little brats, I love them but its true. My oldest is 4 and she whines alot. My 3 year old is the worst about crying and not getting her way. My 17 month old is the best out of all of them. Believe me it will get better though I promise!!!! Good luckto you and once you have that baby it should be better.

Ashlen~n~ Da boyz!!!! Due July 18 (girl); 3 kids; Atlanta, Georgia 997 posts
23rd Sep '08
Quoting amo ami familia!!: